Sunday, March 20, 2016

Delray Misfits

If you are involved with fitness and working out in the slightest, you may have turned to Youtube for some tutorials, tips, pointers, and advice in your quest for a better body.

Turns out that there is quite a large fitness community with a large cast of well known bodybuilders, fitness experts, steroid junkies, vegan morons, and a whole slew of snake oil salesmen trying to pawn off their magical supplements.

Then there are the Delray Misfits.

"A channel dedicated to some of the wacky, witty, jacked and charismatic characters who train at 6am at World Gym in Delray Beach, Florida."

This is the description provided by Andrew the Filmer / commentator for the Misfits that started the channel after witnessing some hilarious, weird and bizarre commentary and events known as "Ments" - short for moments that one of their more popular misfits Jason Genova inadvertently coined.

Its easy to waste hours in front of your computer screen watching the shenanigans and debauchery unfold but is easily one of the funniest channels on Youtube.

Feeling inspired, I decided to create an illustration to honor one of the revolting characters known as "Fat Fucking Lenny", "Black Fucking Lenny" or just Lenny.

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