Saturday, April 04, 2009

Coloring Book!

Hey there! I finally finished the coloring book ive been working on off and on for about a 3 months now.. I had some computer problems and lack of time so im happy its done.

Back in October, one of my art professors passed away. Patrick Welch had two little 5 year old boys that loved to color with him. I figured Id make a little coloring book for them staring them as a frog and a mouse. Also, Patrick is the dinosaur.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tanja said...

amazing! The drawings are beautiful and the story is great! Wow! I am so touched by your sweet gesture. I am sure they will love it!

Baron said...

Hey, WAITA SECOND! You already posted some of these... G, you've got some 'plaining to do! lol

Good job helping out the kiddies, sorry about your loss bro.

Ryan G. said...

Hey thanks Tanja!

I know Baron! I just posted some to give a little preview. Then I posted everything in order so it makes sense. Thanks though..

mars said...

Loved reading this man. Great story, concept, drawings, and gesture to the family.

Mitch L said...

Haha liked the story allot! Cool.

And yeah, really nice gesture for the family.

Ryan G. said...

Thanks all!