Wednesday, October 29, 2008

UFC 90

So I went to UFC 90 in Chicago last Saturday and was a little disappointed. It was the first time in history that the UFC was in Chicago and the months leading up to the fight was torture to me. My expectations were shattered by sub par fights, bad decisions, and the anti-climactic showdown in the main event.

The event wasnt really in Chicago, but just about 20 miles away in Rosemont. A large group of friends pitched in for a limo so we could get as drunk as we wanted and not have to worry about anything.

The Ladies were all over me right when I walked in.

After I said "adios" to the ladies, former UFC champ Mark Colman followed me until I took a picture with him. I politely obliged.

Mark has a little highlight I would like to share with you that is the funniest thing I think Ive ever seen in MMA.

Its only 13 seconds long so enjoy this:

Nicole likes it !

This is a shot from our seats. Cote went down in the 3rd round for no apparent reason. Turns out he tore his meniscus in his knee. He had aggravated it about 4 weeks prior to the fight but did'nt want to pull out because it was a shot at the title.

Thanks Cote.

I might just watch the UFC events at a bar on pay per view for awhile until I get the bad taste out of my mouth..


Baron said...

I hate it when you pay for something you think you'll really like, and it turns out to be a huge disappointment ... if nothing else, tribute it to memory Gman!

Ryan G. said...

Hey Baron. Well I went to a UFC event in Vegas in July and that was great. I dont know what happened in Chicago.

trevor thompson said...

You a fan of Joe Rogan's standup?

- trevor.

Ryan G. said...

Yeah Trevor, Rogan's standup is decent.

You should search for Rogan tearing Carlos Mencia a new one for stealing peoples material..