Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goodbye Patrick Welch

Friend, mentor, professor, artist Patrick Welch passed away last week, Oct 16 2008.

Patrick was truly an incredible man.

I had the honor of studying under him for many classes. I first met Patrick back in the spring of 2006 for Drawing and Charicterization. I also took Storyboarding, Acting for Animation, and my Senior Thesis with him.

Patrick's teaching style is like nothing Ive ever experienced. He loved to joke and have fun and truly cared for each students' success. He was a great inspiration to everyone. You wanted Patrick's approval. You loved going to Patrick's classes. He had an infectious personality and you just wanted to be around him.

In 2006, Welch started an art movement collectively known as the micromentalists. The general philosophy of the group is that art need not be "monumental" in scale to be important, and has been described as "pseudo-Marxist".

The group is known not only for its premise of small art, but also for its commercial practice of selling art at lower prices, adjusted for the income of the buyer.

Welch is perhaps best known for his "Miniature Hate Paintings" which evoke a strange combination of childhood nightmare and adult neurosis, drawing on references from contemporary fine art, comic books, and science fiction. More recently his "Miniature Insult Blocks," painted on 1" x 2" blocks, detail English playground childhood insults in the saccahrine colours of boiled sweets.

Heres some of Patrick's mini paintings:

"I Now Understand"

"Gods Work, Not Mine"

"Art Tree Rapist"

"Art Killer of Trees"
"Self Titled"

"Shit Mouth"


"P Fuckin Dub"

Patrick was a fun guy to be around and sometimes we would draw ugly pictures of each other.

Here's a couple of charicatures of Patrick I did in class.

Also some Patrick Welch sketches I snagged from him in class:

Self portrait:

Random sketches:

We all love you Patrick and you will be missed.


mars said...

Ryan, thanks so much for posting this well put-together post. Remember the good times, remember the lessons, remember the 'respect'.

These cigarettes aren't gonna smoke themselves.

Ryan G. said...

Its the least I could do Mars. I had nothing but good times with Patrick..It would be hard to forget.

ryan said...

hahahahahah cool drawings dude

Alexander Gruber said...

Hey I don't know if you use Facebook, but I created a group page entitled Patrick W. Welch, Painter of Hate located here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=112631788753922&ref=mf

Please join and spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Patrick was a big influence on me. I was shocked to hear he died. What happened? I really loved his class.