Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Freelance Stuff!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Ive picked up a few projects here and there to keep myself busy. Ive been working full time at my job doin all kinds of stuff like storyboards, concepts, animation and 3D modeling. Sometimes its hard to just come home and start working again after 9 hours at the office but I force myself to pick up little projects like these. Ive fallen out of my art mode before and it takes awhile to get back on track! So keep drawing or whatever you like to do!

This one I did for a guy who needed an illustration for a menu in a bar. I guess the thing was chicken wings and beers for a cheap price during the week sometime. So he wanted a chicken holding a beer and a "wacky face."

I went a little too agressive on the fucked up factor of the chicken and he wanted me to tone it down a little.

So I toned it down and gave him a responsible drinking chickens face.


I remember when UFC first came out in the early nineties and my buddy and I would rent the tapes and watch them without our parents approval of course and we loved it!

I sort of lost track of the UFC fighters for the latter part of the nineties since they could'nt show the fights on pay per view and I kind of thought it just went away.

Since Dana White and the Fertitta brothers bought the UFC for 2 million dollars, they have grown the business into a billion dollar industry. They implemented rules and got it commissioned by the states. Now MMA is bigger than ever and I love it!

So anyway, I know quite a few guys that I wresteled with in high school that have gone on to fight in MMA.

One guy that I know that used to be a piercer for my tattoo artist buddy, opened his own gym and needed a logo for his gym, the Acadamy of Mixed Martial Arts.

Heres a few versions I did for him.


CrazyHarmke said...

great stuff man!
keep it up :)

Tony said...

Can you give me some cleanup advice for illustrator, thanks bro!!

Ryan G. said...

Thanks harmke!

Hey Tony! I left you a comment!