Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Got back from Vegas after a long 4th of July weekend. My girl and myself went out there to relax, gamble and watch some UFC!

The Arena at the Mandalay Bay from our seats.

We saw a couple of fighters after the show. Cory Hill was on the Ultimate fighter show a couple of seasons ago. He was dominating his fight but got choked out eventually. Man, he's so tall and skinny for a 155 pounder.

We saw Chris Lytle after the show too. He just could'nt do anything against Josh Koshchek. He got a nasty cut over his eye and was bleeding all over the octogon. I lost 50 bucks on Chris. I got a picture with him anyway:)

I lost some money on a couple of fights on the undercard, but I won $165 on Forrest Griffin. What a great experience! If you have a chance to see UFC live, do it.. Its amazing!


Mitch L said...

Haha that Chris looks beaten up.

Congrats with youre graduation!

Ryan G. said...

Thanks Mitch! Yeah he was a bloody mess

JohnK said...
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