Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chacho and Makko

Its been awhile since ive busted out the color pencils.. so here ya go..




Anonymous said...

my mistake on the deleted post. had a typo and couldnt figure out how to edit a comment.. :P cool drawing with the owl! i imagine it must have taken you a minute to color it using color pencils. i wouldnt have the patience.. btw, i heard from midway. and i think i have you to thank to!

Ryan G. said...

Holy Crap! Congrats Jack! Hey man, you did all the work and that speaks for itself.

Jeff Cook said...

Your cartoon looks very cool from the sneak peeks. I like the style... very exaggerated (but a good exaggerated).

The blur and draw on the owl throwing down the other guy is very cool.


Ryan G. said...

Thanks Jeff..