Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Check out my short!

Hey Y'all! My short is done! Its my first attempt at flash and im pretty happy with how it came out. The sound fx could have been a little better but it is what it is I guess.

I animated the whole thing on paper first, scanned, and inked and colored the frames in flash. I did use some symbols when necessary. The whole thing took about a month.

Well let me know what you guys think! Thanks for stopping by!


Ian M said...

I love the little punchline during the end credits of the mouse having an owl and possum sandwich. Overall I have to say it's a very good job, though it could use a few more sound effects for a little more punch to some of the jokes.

A few technical things: There's a spot where the possum bounces up through the top of the screen. You can remedy this by creating a border to the frame within flash. It's not super noticeable, but might as well. And it's just smart to get into the habit of this anyway.

Thomas Jay said...

excellent job man,

when's the sequel due out?

Ryan G. said...

Hey Ian..Yeah, the sound fx need work, im not really sure if they added much to the piece. I originally didnt want to do sound fx, but I kind of rushed that chainsaw scene and I thought I would definitely need sound for that, since there isnt a spinning blade. I also noticed the possum going out of the frame too. I dont know why flash doesnt just crop your project when you export it..poop shit. It was definitly a learning process..

Hey Tom! Thanks man! Im not sure about a sequel. Im going to be doin some sleepin over break.

planetfour said...

Piggybacking on that scene you guys are talking about, i think the possum's arm isn't colored?

The owl landing and the owl pulling out the utensils are AWESOME.

Probably one of the best DFA finals I've ever seen overall, and execution/finish is always worth points.

You'd never know John K was your hero. /sarcasm

Lemme know when spumco calls :)

(oh no, he probably reads this!)

poo said...

I"ve never been in so much pain in my life while watching your movie. I"m sure getting my wisdom teeth out and laughing my ass of while watching your video wasn't the best idea ever. Great job! as always. Keep it up only one day left!!

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

I thought it was great. My only nitpick is the punches and peck etc could use more impact. If you have on frame that is really exaggerated past the point of impact it gives added punch. It's hard to describe what I'm talking about without pictures. John K did a post about it a while back

Ryan G. said...

Hey poo! Sorry about yer teef.

Hey Mars! Thanks bro!

Looney Moon: Yeah bra, I know what yer sayin..Its all about exaggerating and following through. The fight scenes were just short little loops..not much animation in there. I did the whole production from the story to storyboards, animation, scanning, tracing, compositing, sound, sound fx all in about a month for my class so I had to cheat some stuff. The scenes that took the most time were the Owl spinning the possum around, the owls walk cycle, and the owl in the beginning.

Hopefully ill have more time on my next project to really do some cool stuff!

Mitch said...

Hee Dude,

Violence in cartoons! Woohoo

Love the posses and it was verry funny.

Baron said...

I can't even watch the video because my computer slows down really bad when I clicked the link...

Do you have it posted on you tube or any place else?

Ryan G. said...

Yo Baron..Try this man:


Anonymous said...

sweeet, dude. i had the honor to see it first hand, and you know what i think.. its gorgeous! although IMO you lose some of that fluidity vectorizing the animation into flash. i say this because i saw your (is it possum?) animation test on lunch box and it looked alot more lifely... not that this is any less amazing, though. BTW, did you ever get to skin your character? I never heard back from you. XP

Baron said...

Just finally saw it... Sweet video!

Ryan G. said...

Hey Jack! Thanks buddy! Yeah I love the roughness of pencil tests too..Unfortunately, finalizing lines looses some spontanaity.

As for skinning my character, yeah I skinned him but my problem was with the hands. I added joints for the hands but when I skinned him, the hand geometry shot off like crazy. I showed it to Ya Lu and she rigged it in 2 seconds with no problems. I have no idea what happened. Ill post my dude in a day or two.

Baron: Thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

ryan g.

Can you tell me what tools you use?
Wacom, (which model Wacom), Windows or mac?
Good job on the cartoon!

Ryan G. said...

Hey GG. I used my Intuos Wacom tablet. Ive got a PC at home but I sometimes used Mac at my school. THanks for the comment!

David Nethery said...

"Yeah I love the roughness of pencil tests too..Unfortunately, finalizing lines looses some spontanaity. "

It doesn't have to . Just don't use Flash for the clean- up. You can animate , clean-up, and do your color directly in TVPaint , or animate on paper , then scan to TVPaint to do clean-up and color (like you did here with Flash) .

Give it a try. No symbols so you'll be drawing all your inbetweens frame-by-frame, but the program won't mess with your line and if you want to leave it with rough/sketchy line look you can .


Ryan G. said...

Hey Thanks Dave..Ill have to take a look into that when I get some free time.