Thursday, August 02, 2007

Otis and Tommy Two Horn

I drew this a few months ago and am just now getting around to posting it. These are some characters I created for my Drawing and Characterization class. They're gangstas. Some of the color got a little muddy with the scan, but you get the idea.. Thanks for coming by! Later.


planetfour said...

dude LOVE the frickin atmospheric perspective on the liquor bottles. Nice touch.

And of course overall value in the scene is dope as usual.

- Mars

Ryan G. said...

Yo Mars! THanks for the kind words!

ryan said...

nice rendering! that owl is a cool looking character

Ryan G. said...

Hey Ryan. THanks bro!

Mitch said...

Nice drawing!
I really like the mood of it.

I like youre other drawings on youre blog as well.
How is youre skool? Do you learn alot from it?
(im asking because im really are doubtful of going to another skool after I finished my current education)

Ryan G. said...

Hey Mitch! Thanks for the comment! I love school! Its a mix of traditional 2d animation and 3d animation, along with tons of other software used in the industry. This will be my 2nd degree and I was unsure about it before I went back, but its worth it! You have some real talent, so you'll do fine!