Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pub Drawings

I used to bounce at an old Irish Pub here in Chicago. All my shifts were 12 hours long and during the week it was pretty slow. To stay sane, I drew pictures on these yellow pads of paper they had there. Theres something about ball point pen that I love. I dont know, maybe its the way the ink flows out or the nice tip that always stays consistant. Anyway, I would always draw these "rocky" structures with a strong light source. I must have been in some sort of texture phase or something. wierd banana cluster
bumpy "S"
sharp rocks
bottle opener rock formation
swirly/twisty thing.


edwinushiro said...

Ball point drawings rule. I have a few of them on my blog too. Check em' out, but I really like the abstact-ness of yours. Make more please!!!

Julkillo said...

Very good works,a cool blog.

Ryan G. said...

Thanks guys!