Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Materials and Lighting

Here's a little alley scene that my teacher Vicki Hrody modeled. We had to texture and light it in Maya. I took pictures of all the textures used in this scene.


heri said...

i haven't commented here in a while, what's going on, how is school, almost done? on your Go it Alone on youtube you mention you love that song but ruined it when you heard it
20,000 times. you know when i first heard it, on your video., I downloaded it, and i'm getting pretty damb close to hearing it 20,000. :p.


Ryan G. said...

Hey Heri! Im still checkin your blog, but dont comment much..I like the chicks youre drawing!.. Ive got 2 full loaded quarters left (6 classes) after this one, but then im going to have to take 1 class at a time for 3 quarters. But its cool, cause ill start full time at my job and just take 1 class. Im getting heavy into the 3d stuff right now. Its cool but im still learning alot. It takes a long time for some projects because of the trial and error and starting over that happens..One day Ill master Maya.

Go It Alone is a great song but it doesnt have the same effect on me as it used to..due to hearing it so much. Everything in moderation.

Hows things with you bro? Hows the job going?

Baron said...

Very nice and highly detailed, way to go bro!

Ryan G. said...

THanks B!