Monday, May 28, 2007

John K. and Bill Plympton in Chicago!

Hey folks! What a great weekend I had! I got to attend the John and Bill show on Friday and meet my hero John K!

The show started at eight and I got to meet John right as we walked into the lobby. He was cool and remembered me from all the comments I leave on his blog. My girl and I went in and got a seat and watched about 2 hours of some rare and unseen John K. shorts. Ive already seen about 90% of the stuff John showed, but the more rare stuff I havent seen was great to see for the first time. I got to finally see "Boo Boo Runs Wild" in its entirety for the first time along with a Pee Boner short and a full episode of the "New Adventures of Mighty Mouse" John told some stories about each clip he showed and Bill asked a few questions to John. The most memorable story John told was when he was studying animation in Canada and had recently discovered Bob Clampett. He got Bob's phone number from one of his professors. John flew to L.A. and immediately called Bob when he got off the plane. "Is this the Genius," John asked as Bob started laughing. Bob then invited John to his studio to meet him.
After the show I got a charicature from John! I also bought this still from Bill Plympton's new movie "Idiots and Angels"
There was an after party at a bar called Shubas. Some friends and I rolled up there and started drinking free PBR's. I saw Bill Plympton there and got to talk to him for a minute. I asked Bill for some advise for young animators trying to break into the industry. Bill said to have great drawing skills (obviously) and to learn as many programs as you can. Especially Photoshop, Flash and Final Cut Pro. Bill was nice but left shortly into the party. John finally showed up and I was fortunate to get to shoot the shit with him for a minute. It was last call and there was about 20 people wanting to talk to John so I was happy I got to talk with him.
John was super cool and took a picture with me too! If you have a chance to see one of his rare shows, dont miss it! It was a great weekend!
Also, thanks to Gabe Levinson for setting this show up!


Poo said...

I Second THAT!!!!! ("A REAL MAN!")

Crumpled Up John! said...

I wish I coulda had him draw me but I didn't have the money. What a swell guy.

Ryan G. said...

Poo.. Yeah baby.

Crumpled up John: Dude! thats great he drew stimpy for ya! He is a great guy! Were you at the after party?

Naomi said...

hey! I was right next to ya when he drew you. Your drawing turned out awesome!

Ryan G. said...

Hey Naomi! I didnt see you.. I was like the second one to get a drawing from John. We took off right away too.. I should have stuck around and saw him draw some people. Your charicature looks awesome!

Naomi said...

haha awwww. You prolly didn't recognize moi, but thats ok. yeah, I was right there and yours was hilarious :D

Ryan G. said...

Yes Naomi.. a hiliaious face will get laughs!