Thursday, March 29, 2007

Drawing of Life Drawing

This is a drawing I did out of Anthony Ryder's book, The Artitst's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing. Its quite large, approx 19" tall. I had to scan in two sections, so its always a pain to match the parts up exactly.
I learned some cool techniques last quarter from my Life Drawing teacher. One of them was rendering using the side of your pencil and laying down flat tones. Layout your darks and lights, then go in and do your middle tones. Its a great approach!

Done with an HB pencil.


Danne8a said...

Wowie Zowie!
Not only are you a great cartoonist, but you are an even cooler fine artist!
I like all the details and shadow on the form!
You really managed to bring out all the little nuances in the back area!
Great job!

Ryan G. said...

Thanks Danny! Yeah I learned a new way of rendering/shading.. paying closer attention to laying down darks and lights first and then going in and doing middletones then highlights.

Baron said...

You rock!

Arschblog said...

Your life drawing looks like a photo! Your work is great!

Ryan G. said...

Baron and Steffi:

THanks guys!

ryan said...

that shading is pretty damn impressive!

Ryan G. said...

THanks Ryan!

poo said...

I can't wait till you draw me one day!