Thursday, March 29, 2007

Drawing of Life Drawing

This is a drawing I did out of Anthony Ryder's book, The Artitst's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing. Its quite large, approx 19" tall. I had to scan in two sections, so its always a pain to match the parts up exactly.
I learned some cool techniques last quarter from my Life Drawing teacher. One of them was rendering using the side of your pencil and laying down flat tones. Layout your darks and lights, then go in and do your middle tones. Its a great approach!

Done with an HB pencil.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tommy Two 3D!

Well, I just finished another quarter at the Illinois Institute of Art here in Chicago. One of my bigger projects in my Intermediate 3D modeling class was to model a head. I decided to model a character I designed "Tommy Two Horn" a gangster rhino. Not like the ghetto gangster with pants around the ankles, but the old school "Goodfellas" type gangster.

This is my concept sketch. Its a cropped section of a really cool scene I drew which Ill post soon.
In order to successfully model a good head, you need good reference. Usually a side view and front view are good enough to model off of. You need to import the images into Maya and line them up in the viewports. The most important thing is to make sure the parts line up. Like the top of the head, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the bottom of the head, etc.. have to line up or your going to have a hard time modeling off of them. Its important to learn to draw good model sheets and turn arounds.

I tried drawing my character in the side and front view, but its very hard to achieve the exact proportions. So I decided to make a little sculpty model of my rhino guy. I actually only modeled half of the head fully. I then took photos of it and mirrored one side of the face to the other in Photoshop to create the front plane.
Here's the side view.
My teacher thought it looked like a little baby bird. It was also beneficial to me to have the sculpty model with me to reference along the process.

Here's the final model. I wish I had time to put in is pubey hair cut, but time is always an issue.

Im not sure if I stayed true to the 2d character or if Its to close to a realistic rhino, but it is what it is I guess..

Later guys!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Guitar Dude

I have recently received an opportunity to showcase an original piece of artwork in a gallery. Unfortunately, most of the students selected to submit something for the show, chose not to participate. So there are only like 6 pieces right now, obviously not enough for a gallery show. We will still have the show eventually but it looks like somewhere around June/July.

What the school wanted, was a piece that illustrates what each major was all about. I'm in the Media Arts and Animation program so the committee was looking for a submission such as an animation or character design or a 3d model.

I decided to do what I love to do the most and draw a goofy cartoony dude, playing a curvy guitar.

I still need to put in a few details like arm hair and model the face a little more, but if anyone has any critiques or suggestions I would greatly appreciate them!