Monday, January 22, 2007

Im a Weiner! (Well sort of..)

Hey ch'all! I entered into a national drawing contest back in the summer time for Red Vines licorice. The grand prize was a $5000 scholarship which I was initially going for. Well, I did'nt win the grand prize, but I am going to have my design printed on the packaging! It will be printed on the Red Vines 5 oz. trays. Starting this month! So go pick up a package... there are a total of 90 or so designs that they chose to print. Maybe you'll see mine!



poo said...

This should have been First prize winner!!!!! I think those judges are crazy!! This logo was awesome! You're number one in my mind... You the shit!!

Ryan G. said...

thanks poo. No yoou are the shit.

Danne8a said...

I likee I likee!!!!!
By the way, I really love the past animations, But just have not had a chance to go on line because of lack of internet ( I moved from san diego to my home town of San Francisco..)

Cant wait to see more!



Ryan G. said...

Hey Danny! Good to hear from you. I hope San Fran is treating you well. How's the new movie comming along?

Anonymous said...

hey ryan, first, thanks for the post :)

the fat guy walking is hilarious!!!!


and the face is funny too man!, is not to cartoony and not to realistic. is kind of a mix hahahahaha


stay funny!

Anonymous said...

"and the face is funny too man!, is not tOO cartoony and not tOO realistic. is kind of a mix hahahahaha!"

sorry, my english sucks! ahahaha

Ryan G. said...

No worries Paul! Youre English is fine!

Baron said...

Ha, way to go G man, I'll be looking out for that design.

Ryan G. said...

Thanks Baron! Good to hear from you bro!

Kali Fontecchio said...

5,000 bucks!! Dang it! You blew it and so did I!

Good job though!

Ryan G. said...

Thanks Kali!...wait, did you enter this contest too?