Saturday, December 16, 2006

Animation Keys

Hey folks! My quarter is done! Holy crap! So much work, but I got it all done. Ive got a butt load of drawings and animations to post.. This is a little preview of a character I animated for my Acting for animation class and my 2D animation class.. Stay tuned for more!


Danne8a said...

I can't wait to see the rest!
Most of the time when I am animating I kind of do the keys and straight ahead thing.
I love your character!
He is excellent and soo appealing!
You are the man, man!

Ryan G. said...

Hey Danny! Thanks bro! I had three animation classes this last quarter and really absorbed alot of principles. I used to animate straight ahead but I really concentrated on animating pose to pose this quarter. It seems like its more practical in terms of timing issues.

Well technically, there are only like 5 keys in the post and the rest are inbetweens.

Lets see some progress posts on your new movie Danny!