Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fat Dude sketches

Hey! Ive been busier than ever with school and work and cant post as much as I would like to, but heres some sketches of some fat dudes that ive been developing for my acting for animation class. We have to work with one character all quarter long and develop their personality, movement, emotion, etc.. I tend to laugh alot while drawing these fat, slobby, discusting guys.

Ive been animating alot lately and Ill try and post my 2d stuff here soon!
I have a crap load of markers that I decided to use for once. I mainly use colored pencils for coloring but its alot more time consuming. Id like to get better at markers.


Danne8a said...

Really great drawings!
I like the one on the bottom the best!

Anonymous said...

is that his belly hair or----- hair?!

Ryan G. said...

Danny: Hey thanks bro!

anon: Its whatever you want it to be.