Saturday, November 11, 2006

Emotional Fat Guy

Heres a little emotion study from my Acting for Animation class. We develop a character throughout the 11 week quarter. We act out their movement, their emotions, voice, mannerisms, and all that good stuff.
These are some suggested emotion poses: Biting into rotton food
Finding something of great value
Desperate to urinate
Humiliated in public
Recieving an award for a high honor
Favorite tool breaking at the wrong moment
Being seductive

Im starting to like to work with this character. He's a substitute teacher that not many people like. He's not a bad guy, just really slobby and shit. Im currently working on a walk cycle with him in 2d. Maybe Ill post soon! Later Guys..


Danne8a said...

Can't wait to see that walk cycle!
What's his name?
I like his style!

Anonymous said...

LOL i like the desperate to urinate pic. He's a funny character.

Ryan G. said...

Danny: Hey whats up man! Umm.. I really havnt settled on a name yet..Maybe Leonard Digby. Mr. Digby. That walk cycle is pretty tough. Ive got all these secondary actions going.. The gut, the head, the arms, maybe even his tie..

Alina Chau said...

fun character drawings!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan, these drawings are hiliarous, if thats how u spell it but I think that the drawings are pretty fucking good, keep this shit up! Jeffro