Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pencil Drawings

Here is a drawing of Rodney Dangerfield I did just after he died.

This is my teacher Patrick Welsh. He's really cool and draws everything urinating on the board. He's got a great English accent.


Danne8a said...


Ryan G. said...

Hey Danny! Thanks Bro. So whats up with your Movie? Have you submitted it to the film fest yet?

Everyone check out Danny's film if you havnt seen it already..Its hillarious! just click on his name..

M.Pheuz said...

yeeeahh RODNEY

Danne8a said...

Hey thanks, Ryan!
Yah, I attended the Spike and Mike Sick and Twisted festival of animation on saturday and submitted the film to Spike personally.
He was really cool and nice (and not the least bit pretentious) and generally always seems interested in acquiring new films for his festival.
I also got to meet Weird Al Yankovich who was also there signing for his new album.
You should also submit your very cool film to him and other festivals. I must have watched your film a dozen times already.
I'd pay to see it!
: )

M.Pheuz said...

is danny talkin about Go It Alone? cause i just watched it -very cool indeed! reminded me of A-Ha's Take On Me video which made a very strong impact on me as a child

Ryan G. said...

Yeah Pheuz..He's talking bout Go It Alone.. Thanks man! Im going to try to submit the film to my schools' exhibition in February. If that goes well I might try some other film fests.

Anonymous said...

wow that drawing is amazing! It looks like a picture. You rock my world!! You are the shit!!


Ryan G. said...

Hey thanks poo..Maybe yoooou are the shit.

bodidarma said...

ryan i'm out for good it was nice meeting you.and i'm not going to AI.i'm dedicating myself to graffiti.just wanted to say goodbye

Hryma said...

Nice Rodney Dangerfield dude, respect, he was one dude I would have loved to have met.