Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pencil Drawings

Here is a drawing of Rodney Dangerfield I did just after he died.

This is my teacher Patrick Welsh. He's really cool and draws everything urinating on the board. He's got a great English accent.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New for you, old for me

Hey guys! Ive been slackin on posting lately but Im super busy at school, and have been working alot more at my job. So here are a couple old pictures to lay your peepers on!

I took a photography class at Eastern Illinois University in 2001. It was a really fun class. It was all 35 mm cameras and we had to develop our own film and make our own prints. It was a great learning process and fun too!

This picture below is probably the coolest picture ive ever taken. Our class took a field trip to the Lincoln Log Cabin, a historical site, to take some pictures. The workers there dressed up in costumes from the 1800's to give it the ambiance. I was walking around this little house and a girl came in and was trying to get a cat from out underneath the bed. I turned around and snapped a couple pictures and it turned out really cool. It has a sort of creepy, ghostly feel to it. I also like it because it reminds me of a Vermeer painting, with the lighting coming in from the left.

The concept for this drawing was made on this yellow lined paper while I was working as a bouncer in Chicago. I have alot of these "being bored" while bouncing sketches Ill probably post some time. Well enjoy! See you!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Check out my Movie!

Well, my movie has been done now for a couple of weeks and I finally got around to posting it. So, thats me with the stack of 1887 frames I had to trace for my Intro to Video final. For those who dont know what rotoscoping is, ill give you a quick run-down. Basically, its tracing over film. I shot the original footage myself, edited it, and then exported the movie into jpeg files. I printed the frames out, punched holes in the top with the animation hole puncher, and then layed a blank sheet on top and traced the figures. I ended up using about 50 black Prismacolor color pencils. The entire project took me about a month and im really glad its done. I didn't go out on the weekends and didn't get much sleep while working on this project. My friend Bryan Tims from my school helped me out with a couple of scenes. He took on about 8 seconds of animation and did a fantastic job adapting to the style I was working in. I had to make a quick way of drawing the frames and tried not to spend more than 3 minutes per drawing. Some scenes took longer than others, especially the scenes with 2 figures.

I used the song "Go It Alone" by Beck from the album Guero.

The actors in the video are my brother Jeff Guimond, my girlfriend Nicole Duran, my roomate Dylan Barrett, and myself for a second..

Well here it is.. Id love to hear some feedback from you guys!

Click Here to Watch!!