Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rotoscope IIII

Hey everyone! This will be my last post updating this rotoscope project. That means this sucker is almost in the bag!! I only have about 20 - 25 seconds left to do. Its due in a week and a half but I also have other class projects I need to attend to. I hope to have it completed by Wednesday.

Ive been getting some really good reactions from students and teachers on some of the scenes i shot as pencil tests, so I really cant wait to see the finished movie. My buddy Brian took on about 8 seconds worth of footage to help me out.

I also want to thank you all who come to my site and leave me comments. Its nice to hear your opinions and support.. Only a couple weeks left of school for this quarter! I need a break! Later guys!


Ryan G. said...

Im using black Prismacolor pencils!
I ended up using almost 50 pencils.

Anonymous said...

Hey I found your cartoon video on youtube by searching Beck. Liked it a lot. How long did it take you to do that?