Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Movie Is Done But....

Hey everyone! Finally! I finished my rotoscoping project! It was a month of hard work and no fun on the weekends. I finished a week early too! I finished the drawing part of it last Tuesday and did the final editing on Wednesday. It turned out awesome and I burnt a bunch of DVD's. I cant wait to show everyone. However, there is one little problem. I used a song by Beck in the video. Since its a copywritted song im reluctant to post it on my blog without permission. I was planning on submitting it to Art shows and or film fests and I didnt want any problems with copywriting infringement. So I wrote Beck an email stating my case and hoping he will reply with permission to use the song as long as im not gaining monetary value from it. Beck is a huge supporter of the arts and I really think he'll lend me permission.

Am I being to paranoid or being smart about this. I really want to show this thing off but at the same time I dont want to burn any bridges. Should I wait to hear back from Beck first or just say screw it and post it.. Tell me what ch'all think..


Anonymous said...

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Ryan G. said...

I hate you anonymous.

vinylrags said...


You wrote Beck himself? Are you sure you had a good e-mail address for him?

J. Nowland said...

Hey man.... okay here is the way I see your situation.... since you aren't putting it out there for profit (by that I mean selling his music)... you shouldn't really have a problem... the first thing they usually do is send out a cease and desist order.... and by that time you'll have spread the word on your project... which then may help you to move on to bigger and better things.... Look at someone like Danger Mouse... a couple years back he did a mix tape mashing up the Beatles & Jay-Z... by the time they caught on and told him to stop his name was made... now he's a big name in the Hip Hop producing world.... however.... if you still feel like you want Beck's permission.... then waiting is the best thing for you to do.... but it also opens the possibility they say no... and your stuck looking for song "secoond best".... either way... the Choice is yours... and on that... I'm out.... PEACE!

Ryan G. said...

The email probably doesnt go directly to him, most likely his "people" handle this kind of stuff

Thanks J.. I really dont know how these things work. I want to submit this project to an art show, and I dont think they will accept copywritted material. If I just wanted to post it on You Tube, Id just do it, but I want to be legit.. we'll see.. I might put it on You Tube..

da buttah said...

as an up and coming lawyer, and an intellectual property guru, this is what i have to say:

beck, most liskely, doesn't own the copyright to his work. per most music contracts, all copyrights are signed over to the record company; thus, his record company most likely has a copyright interest. [he does too, but should there be a lawsuit, they would have a better claim than beck] so, to use the song you'd need his permission, but the record company's song.

regardless, you can most likely use it in your animation so long as you don't receive any capital gain from the animation. it's the equivalent of writing a paper and adding a citation--simply have some kind of "credits" section that attributes the song to him [and state the record company he's signed to, if you're super anal like i am] and i'd say it's not a big deal.

if beck replies though, give him my number :)

Ryan G. said...

Thanks buttah for the advice.. I really dont think that they would come after me with avengence but it could disqualify my entry to an art show and or film fest. I totally give credit where credit is due..

Danne8a said...

I totally understand what you mean by wanting to be legit....
For my latest animated cartoon, I was originally going to use the classical song "Habanera" straight from the Trainspotting 2 soundtrack.
Unfortunately, a third of my cartoon was completed before someone informed me that Classical music is public domain, but the recording isn't!
I know it's crazy, but I made a sound tech friend make me a new recording of the song and started my cartoon all over again!
So I know how you feel entirely and completely Empathize with you, Ryan.
Hopefully, Becks people will find it in there hearts to let you use the song.
I have heard that he is usually pretty cool with those sorts of things.

Peace and hope everything works out for you and I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!

P.s. Would it be a spoiler if you said what Beck song you used?

Hryma said...

Wait for the man or his managers, record label or whatever! I'm sure it's worth the wait. Respect Beck, he might give you some coudos?
(how do you spell 'coudos' is that it?)
Love your lighting in Maya sweet, 1st crack too jeebus!
Thanks for the post, i'll do that and right back at ya!

ncross said...

Hi Ryan

I don't know whether you've found out this or not, but if your film is a student film, created for educational purposes then it is within the law to use any copyrighted material without permission. This is considered FAIR USE under copyright law.

So don't worry you're clear.

Ryan G. said...

Nick: No, I havnt found out yet.. But thanks!