Thursday, September 21, 2006

Maya Final

Hey Whats up! Well, this is my 3d modeling 1 final. I chose to do a interior scene. The models are pretty simple but the lighting and texturing came out beautiful. I looked through many interior design magazines and took certain components that I liked from different images. I used raytracing to get the lighting and shadows. I used 1 spotlight outside and 4 really soft lights inside. Not bad for my first go around with Maya. Looks like a comfy place to chill right?


heri said...

wow! beautiful rendering. I remember I did an interior like similar to this, with hardwood floor, but mine didn't came out as good as yours, the lighting is great, cept on the one of the last one, it seem to be rendered differently.

The job is great! I love it. Keeps me busy, most of the stuff i post here i draw on my break time. what are you up to?


Ryan G. said...

Well, I still got about a little over a year left in school. Im working with some industrial designers doing small modeling projects and lots of photoshop stuff. Did you get a job as an illustrator or concept artist?

Yea I spent a week on the lighting and renderings. The top image was the first rendering I did. I noticed that the floor was a little too reflective and I toned it down a little. I was taking forever to render out too so I had to tweek the light and reflection/shadows alot to save on time. The teacher never covered rendering and lighting in class so it came across really well considering no one had any good lighting or textures. Since the models are so simple, I wanted to at least make it interesting by way of lighting.

da buttah said...

it looks like my apartment!!

no seriously, i'm not kidding!

my couch is red though..not brown leather!

heri said...

I draw for
working on a cartoon right now.
check it out. :p


Anonymous said...

wow!!! that looks awesome... I would love to have a front room that looks just like that when I get a house of my own. You are the shit!! keep up the great work.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Oh god Maya! Industry standard, but I prefer Cinema 4D!

Ryan G. said...

Hey Kali! Currently im learning Maya, 3d Studio Max, and Rhinoceros. Im liking Maya a little more than the others. Its tough switching from platform to platform with all the differnt controls and stuff.