Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Guy Aitchison

One of my best friends is a tattoo artist and he turned me on to Guy Aichison about 4 or 5 years ago. Guy is the most innovative and talented tattoo artist in the industry today. The tattoo industry itself, does'nt have the best reputation for representing high quality art and artists. Tattooing has a negative stereotypical aura about it. I think most people imagine these big harley looking fellas with huge beards and loads of tattoos from head to toe. Well, things have changed. Although, as easy as it is to buy a tattoo gun and some ink, few tattoo artists strive to do nothing more than make a few bucks, by tracing a picture from a page on the wall.

The industry is becoming so saturated with tattoo parlours, that a person not knowing much about art or tattoos, will settle for the first tattoo artist they come across. My friend owns his own tattoo buisness and half of his buisness is covering up other artists' craptastic excuses for tattoos.

Anyway, Guy Aichison is among the elite artists in the tattoo industry. Many people like to get all kinds of differnt tattoos scattered all over their body. Guy on the other hand, sees the body like a canvas. Guy likes to tattoo full back pieces, half arm sleeves, full arm sleeves, etc... Guy also tattoos with the body's contours. He lets the forms flow around the body instead of slapping down a decal-like tattoo. Guy is the master at lighting, texture, and creating the illusion of depth.

I actually met this dude below while
working as a bouncer at Butch
McGuire's in Chicago. He came in wearing a tank top and I knew right away it was a Guy tattoo. I was star struck seeing this tattoo because ive never seen one up close. Ive only seen pictures in magazines.See how this tattoo flows
around the countour of the