Thursday, July 20, 2006

John K. Caricature

From time to time, I venture over to Eddie Fitzgerald's blog and check out what theory he has in store for the day. Many theories that Eddie posts include caricatures of himself, drawn by partially insane, John K.

The wierd thing is though, I dont think ive seen any John K. caricatures by Eddie or anyone for that matter..

I suggested to Eddie that he post some reference pictures of John, so that we bloggers could take a crack at drawing John.. Well it occured to me that there was great reference of John on the featurette from the first Ren & Stimpy DVD's. So I sat down last night and crapped this caricature onto a piece of bristol..

Now I see why I dont see many caricatures of John.. He's really hard to draw!! He really does'nt have many distinguishing facial features.. But I had to keep pushing the drawing and I finally came up with this caricature that captures his likeness along with his "old man balls..."

The Ren & Stimpy Lost episodes are out and blew my friggin mind. Hopefully, it will blow your mind too.. John K. and Spumco are at thier best in this 2 disk set. There are tons of interviews, along with never before seen cartoons !! So run out and pick it up..John K. is a sick bastard of a genius.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Short Bus

The Short Bus is a comic strip I made a couple of years ago. Back at Eastern Illinois U., I had roughly 40 comics published in the Daily Eastern News. So after college I stopped drawing and just worked at crappy graphic design jobs and at bars slingin cocktails. Finally I got motivated from watching Ren & Stimpy to start drawing again and busted out a bunch of these comic strips. One of them got published in a little newspaper called the Chicago Commuter. I also began colorizing these frames in photoshop and creating the word bubbles and text in illustrator. I was amazed at the smooth color of the airbrush tool at the time, but I look back now and think it looks like crap. Everything is too shiny and blurry. I just recently started expiramenting with all the crazy brushes and textures that photoshop has to offer and the results are much more interesting than straight airbrush.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Random randomness

Here are some random sketches from my sketchbook. It seems when I sit down to draw with nothing in mind, im much more loose and spontanius with my strokes. When I have some grand idea that I have to draw, im not as loose. I guess there's more pressure.. anyway, here are some "loose" sketches..later