Monday, June 19, 2006

Photoshop crud

Arrgh! Im still struggling with this blogger posting method. You have to do it backwards. Anyway, the real beginning of the post is just below this. This was a photoshop project featuring an original cd cover design of one of my favorite bands, The White Stripes. Not much to say other than that, enjoy the picts!
Hey whats up. Man! school this quarter was a beeatch! Well I got through it with flying colors and now I have a good long 3 weeks off and then its back to the madness. Also, I just sold my car and i couldnt be happier to get that fucking piece of shit out of my hair. Ive probably dumped 5000 dollars into that thing in the last year or so with repairs and parking tickets. Chicago's great for parking tickets. Well, other than that heres some photoshop projects from earlier in the year. These projects I completed in my Image Manipulation class. It was pretty easy and we got to do some fun stuff. This poster got great reactions from my class mates and friends. Yeah, thats me in the middle doing my crappy DeNiro face and my brother and roomate. I took the pictures with my camera and blended them into the background. I used the color balance sliders along with the dodge and burn tools. If you look closely, I put all our names in the credits at the bottom too!

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G R I G O R said...

HA YOU SOLD YOUR CAR? nice about to as well - fuckn chicago- tickets up the wazzooooo!!!!!!!!!!! same here lots of repairs ... anywayz- do u know Bruno Surdo??? I think he may have mentioned you to me--- about the drawing- ah well it will be airbrushed - 16 x12 - 2 people a little more - say 80$ so let me kno.

later- Grigor