Saturday, June 10, 2006

More Photoshop color

Man these last couple weeks at school have been tough. Just so much to get done.. Well im finally done with my two concept characters Tommy "Two Horn" and Elli Fantana. Usually I like to use color pencils to color characters like this, but I wanted that flash 2d look to them. I dont really color in photoshop so it took longer than i expected. I colored Elli first and it took forever, but after I was finished Tommy "Two Horn" was a breeze. I really experimented with the textured brushes on these guys and they turned out pretty good. I was going to do a process post, but i really didnt have a lot of time. Later..


Anonymous said...

Hey, these look great. I could offer some small criticisms if you want, but nothing big.

I want to try some of those brushes for texture. Let me know if you do post a process on these, I'm always looking to learn more.

Anonymous said...

*do a post about the process, rather


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, dood. I have Photoshop CS2 actually, and I'm really good with it. I just don't really know how to do shading coloring in it. I've done tons of graphic work and photo imaging in PS.

Anonymous said...

Cool, yeah I read that turtle post and I do a lot of that same method in Flash. I do a line layer and then color on layers underneath. My confusion is mostly about how to shade really, or evenly blend colors and stuff using Photoshop tools. I'll do some experimenting with it sometime soon.

One piece of advice I'd offer you, is if you took your lines into Flash or Illustrator and vectorized and smoothed them, you'd get a little bit nicer lines. Don't get me wrong, yours are pretty nice, but they could be better. To me, one of the things that rings amatuerish in work you see online is when you can see a slight wobble in their lines. For example, look at the shoulder of your Tommy Two Horn, it could be much smoother. I know thats comes from the natural slight shakiness of your hand, and believe me, mine would probably be worse than that. But with these fancy computers we can get rid of it.

I might try to vectorize your Tommy Two Horn and color it just for fun if you don't mind.

Anyways, I hope you don't find that little criticism mean or anything. Just trying to help.

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Evan's Traced Version

I ran a Flash trace on your inked only version, then tweaked the lines a little and did a quick color job. See what you think. You don't have to loose your line quality, but you do have to work with the lines so that they look good. This needs more line work still, it looks a little Flash-y still. But the lines look smoother tho.

bodidarma said...

hey ryan i plan on going to AI for the same stuff but in houston whats it like. they gave me some dirty looks when they saw my graff

bodidarma said...

you thanks for the advice ryan. i hear mixed stuff all the time. i'm exited about drawing cartoons. keep posting, stop by any time and leave some advice,anything helps

Anonymous said...

Dude your stuff rocks!!