Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fiddy Faces

So my 3 week vacation started last week and for the most part I havnt got to really relax too much. Ive had to help friends and family move from one house to another and workin at my jobs. Hopefully these next two weeks will be better and I can chill a little more and work on some drawings.. Well for the sake of updating my blog..heres a drawing from my first quarter back to school. This is from my Rapid Visualization class. Basically this class is about generating ideas. Instead of coming up with one or two ideas for a project and then polishing the hell out of them, we learned to come up with 20 or more ideas in order to keep the ideas fresh and flowing. This was a 50 faces project that was really fun.. enjoy.


Jennifer Pollack said...

Great Stuff! I like the Turtle coloring very well done!

Jennifer Pollack said...

Thanks For posting Ryan

I am sure you will be working in the industry soon. I havent been doing it for to long. But I work with a great bunch of people who I learn a tun from!

Where do you want to work?

I would like to be at nickelodeon, or klasky csupo. We all have dreams :)

Keep posting I will definatley check back! :)


Ryan G. said...

click here

Ryan G. said...

Inks here blah blah