Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fiddy Faces

So my 3 week vacation started last week and for the most part I havnt got to really relax too much. Ive had to help friends and family move from one house to another and workin at my jobs. Hopefully these next two weeks will be better and I can chill a little more and work on some drawings.. Well for the sake of updating my blog..heres a drawing from my first quarter back to school. This is from my Rapid Visualization class. Basically this class is about generating ideas. Instead of coming up with one or two ideas for a project and then polishing the hell out of them, we learned to come up with 20 or more ideas in order to keep the ideas fresh and flowing. This was a 50 faces project that was really fun.. enjoy.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Photoshop crud

Arrgh! Im still struggling with this blogger posting method. You have to do it backwards. Anyway, the real beginning of the post is just below this. This was a photoshop project featuring an original cd cover design of one of my favorite bands, The White Stripes. Not much to say other than that, enjoy the picts!
Hey whats up. Man! school this quarter was a beeatch! Well I got through it with flying colors and now I have a good long 3 weeks off and then its back to the madness. Also, I just sold my car and i couldnt be happier to get that fucking piece of shit out of my hair. Ive probably dumped 5000 dollars into that thing in the last year or so with repairs and parking tickets. Chicago's great for parking tickets. Well, other than that heres some photoshop projects from earlier in the year. These projects I completed in my Image Manipulation class. It was pretty easy and we got to do some fun stuff. This poster got great reactions from my class mates and friends. Yeah, thats me in the middle doing my crappy DeNiro face and my brother and roomate. I took the pictures with my camera and blended them into the background. I used the color balance sliders along with the dodge and burn tools. If you look closely, I put all our names in the credits at the bottom too!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

More Photoshop color

Man these last couple weeks at school have been tough. Just so much to get done.. Well im finally done with my two concept characters Tommy "Two Horn" and Elli Fantana. Usually I like to use color pencils to color characters like this, but I wanted that flash 2d look to them. I dont really color in photoshop so it took longer than i expected. I colored Elli first and it took forever, but after I was finished Tommy "Two Horn" was a breeze. I really experimented with the textured brushes on these guys and they turned out pretty good. I was going to do a process post, but i really didnt have a lot of time. Later..

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Inked Concept Characters

Heres two concept characters i designed for my character design class. These two guys are the heavies who do all the dirty work in the mafia anthropomorphic world. Ill color them in Photoshop soon with a process post

This droog here is Tommy "Two Horn"
This guy's name is Elli Fantana.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Character Design Final

Hey whats up.. Only two more weeks left for school. You know what that means- bustin ass like crazy to get all the final projects done.. These are some concept drawings for my character design class. I have to draw and develop 3 characters.. With one of the characters i have to draw 1 sheet(turnaround) 1 sheet (8 action poses) 1 sheet (6 facial expressions). Then for the other two characters, just 1 fully colored pose on bristol.. lets see if yall can guess the theme and the who's who of these characters..