Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Color Treatment

Whats up.. Holy crap i finished my color treatment of my possum character and im really happy the way it turned out.. Excuse me for the striping effect in the leg, I had to scan it in 3 sections because it was so big (on 11x14 bristol) , and its a bitch to match all the parts up. I just used prismacolor colored pencils and jammed it out last night for about 3 hours..


Hamkins said...

Hey man, nice pic, big fan of your stuff. Where do you get those sexy blue pencils you do the bases with? I could really use one. Thanks!

Ryan G. said...

Hey hamkins, its a prismacolor non photo blue pencil.. You can find one at an art store that sells single primacolor pencils.. I dont think they come in the prismacolor sets..(maybe the huge ones?)

Anonymous said...

I think this looks great too. It has great energy and I love the exaggeration on the torso.

One thing I would offer is to define his upper arms more, his shoulders and biceps look like the same kinda lumps, look at this alien I drew, which is a pretty bad example of muscles but perhaps it's a little of the idea you could work into yours' upper arms. Like adding a tricep for example would help.

Rock on.