Saturday, May 13, 2006

art school assignments

Ok... heres some sketches for a project in my character design class.. we all wrote down 3 animals, 3 professions, and 3 adjectives and then threw them into a box and picked what our characters would be..mine is an annoyed possum pro wrestler.. Its supprisingly hard to draw a possum.. you have to look for the characteristics of the animal that defines it as that animal.. in some of these drawings i dont think a "possum" quite comes across, instead a rat or wolf..


Hamkins said...

Hi! I found you blog from John.K's blog. Your drawings are really great! It sounds like a fun exercise to ry, I might give it a bash when i have a fre moment next. What do you use to draw your stuff with?

Ryan G. said...

Yeah Hamkins, thanks.. umm those drawings are just pencil.. I do an underdrawing of the construction with a light 2h or h pencil and then darken up the contour lines with a 2b.. Ill have the final turnaround sheet and action sheet done by monday..