Saturday, May 27, 2006

New animation

Whats up.. been slackin for a minute.. well just been really busy. Well here is the subject for my final project in my animation class.. We have to complete 1 minute of animation in 3 weeks and Im just getting started with this. Im going to have him reach up and pull the top of his head off and then it pans into his brain, followed by a surrealistic acid trip of craziness.. Ill probably throw in some color pencil Bill Plympton stylistic funky shit.. Its cool that we have total creative control in our classes because i know thats not always the case in the Arts Industry..

Monday, May 22, 2006

Photoshop color

Here is an assignment for my image manipulation class (photoshop class).. The assignment was to just color an original drawing.. Im currently animating a similar thing like this so i figured it was a good idea to colorize a frame.. Ive included some steps to colorizing pictures in photoshop.. Im by no means an expert at this but this is what i know to this point..
Step 1.. this is a scanned drawing of the picture.. you want to go to your levels and play with the color output to darken all the lines.. then you want to duplicate this layer.. The top layer is line art and the bottom is your color layer. Never color on you line art layer or you lines will get all fucked up.. (unless you want colorized lines).. Also your line art layer needs to be set to Multiply mode and your color layer to normal mode..
step 2.. In this step you want to duplicate your line art and put this on a layer below.. this is you color layer.. I then go to levels and turn make the white space inside the turtle into about a 20-30% grey.. then i paint on top of this..sort of an underpainting.. once youve done this lock your transparent pixels..
step 3..Its important to lock your transparent pixels on your color layer so you dont color outside your figure
step 4... The big turtle is done, his skin is composed of about 3 shades of green.. dark, mid, and a really whited out version of green. His chest plate is only two shades of a tan color.
step 5... I color in the shell and then add a texture to it in filters (texturizer) Im not sure you can see the texture in the final picture.

step 6 .. all i need now is a background

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Color Treatment

Whats up.. Holy crap i finished my color treatment of my possum character and im really happy the way it turned out.. Excuse me for the striping effect in the leg, I had to scan it in 3 sections because it was so big (on 11x14 bristol) , and its a bitch to match all the parts up. I just used prismacolor colored pencils and jammed it out last night for about 3 hours..

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This is my inked final action pose for my character design class.. I really tried to pay attention to line weights and atmospheric perspective.. a few parts i messed up but alright overall..

Monday, May 15, 2006

turnaround and action sheet

This particular project required us to create a character based on words we wroted down and threw in a hat.. mine happened to be a annoyed possum pro wrestler. We then completed a turn around sheet and an action sheet. My teacher liked my action sheet.. When creating these drawings its always a good idea to work around a strong line of action. Also thinking in terms of a strong sillouette is key to producing good action poses..
As far as the turnaround goes you have to be anal and exact on the model. Thats why you need to draw guidelines horizontally across the page to insure that the body parts match up on the same line. Otherwise its very sloppy and inconsistant.. The last pose I had a little trouble with the tail but i feel good about the sheet as a whole

Saturday, May 13, 2006

art school assignments

Ok... heres some sketches for a project in my character design class.. we all wrote down 3 animals, 3 professions, and 3 adjectives and then threw them into a box and picked what our characters would be..mine is an annoyed possum pro wrestler.. Its supprisingly hard to draw a possum.. you have to look for the characteristics of the animal that defines it as that animal.. in some of these drawings i dont think a "possum" quite comes across, instead a rat or wolf..