Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fat guy walking

Heres a little walk cycle assignment I had for my 2D animation class. I explored alot of secondary actions with the gut the arms the hair and the face. Is not quite perfect but I had to move on to other projects. More 2D stuff to come!

Uploaded by rguimond

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sketch Book Doodles

Here are some sketches from my most recent sketch book. I mostly use my sketch book for school projects..Id like to do alot more drawing for my own amusement though...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Animation Keys

Hey folks! My quarter is done! Holy crap! So much work, but I got it all done. Ive got a butt load of drawings and animations to post.. This is a little preview of a character I animated for my Acting for animation class and my 2D animation class.. Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

3D Animation

Video sent by rguimond
This is a project I did in Maya for my 3d animation class. We looked at Luxo Jr. from Pixar and had to complete an animation of our own, with a lamp. Some of the jumps need a little work... tell me what you think! Later guys..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Emotional Fat Guy

Heres a little emotion study from my Acting for Animation class. We develop a character throughout the 11 week quarter. We act out their movement, their emotions, voice, mannerisms, and all that good stuff.
These are some suggested emotion poses: Biting into rotton food
Finding something of great value
Desperate to urinate
Humiliated in public
Recieving an award for a high honor
Favorite tool breaking at the wrong moment
Being seductive

Im starting to like to work with this character. He's a substitute teacher that not many people like. He's not a bad guy, just really slobby and shit. Im currently working on a walk cycle with him in 2d. Maybe Ill post soon! Later Guys..

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fat Dude sketches

Hey! Ive been busier than ever with school and work and cant post as much as I would like to, but heres some sketches of some fat dudes that ive been developing for my acting for animation class. We have to work with one character all quarter long and develop their personality, movement, emotion, etc.. I tend to laugh alot while drawing these fat, slobby, discusting guys.

Ive been animating alot lately and Ill try and post my 2d stuff here soon!
I have a crap load of markers that I decided to use for once. I mainly use colored pencils for coloring but its alot more time consuming. Id like to get better at markers.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pencil Drawings

Here is a drawing of Rodney Dangerfield I did just after he died.

This is my teacher Patrick Welsh. He's really cool and draws everything urinating on the board. He's got a great English accent.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New for you, old for me

Hey guys! Ive been slackin on posting lately but Im super busy at school, and have been working alot more at my job. So here are a couple old pictures to lay your peepers on!

I took a photography class at Eastern Illinois University in 2001. It was a really fun class. It was all 35 mm cameras and we had to develop our own film and make our own prints. It was a great learning process and fun too!

This picture below is probably the coolest picture ive ever taken. Our class took a field trip to the Lincoln Log Cabin, a historical site, to take some pictures. The workers there dressed up in costumes from the 1800's to give it the ambiance. I was walking around this little house and a girl came in and was trying to get a cat from out underneath the bed. I turned around and snapped a couple pictures and it turned out really cool. It has a sort of creepy, ghostly feel to it. I also like it because it reminds me of a Vermeer painting, with the lighting coming in from the left.

The concept for this drawing was made on this yellow lined paper while I was working as a bouncer in Chicago. I have alot of these "being bored" while bouncing sketches Ill probably post some time. Well enjoy! See you!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Check out my Movie!

Well, my movie has been done now for a couple of weeks and I finally got around to posting it. So, thats me with the stack of 1887 frames I had to trace for my Intro to Video final. For those who dont know what rotoscoping is, ill give you a quick run-down. Basically, its tracing over film. I shot the original footage myself, edited it, and then exported the movie into jpeg files. I printed the frames out, punched holes in the top with the animation hole puncher, and then layed a blank sheet on top and traced the figures. I ended up using about 50 black Prismacolor color pencils. The entire project took me about a month and im really glad its done. I didn't go out on the weekends and didn't get much sleep while working on this project. My friend Bryan Tims from my school helped me out with a couple of scenes. He took on about 8 seconds of animation and did a fantastic job adapting to the style I was working in. I had to make a quick way of drawing the frames and tried not to spend more than 3 minutes per drawing. Some scenes took longer than others, especially the scenes with 2 figures.

I used the song "Go It Alone" by Beck from the album Guero.

The actors in the video are my brother Jeff Guimond, my girlfriend Nicole Duran, my roomate Dylan Barrett, and myself for a second..

Well here it is.. Id love to hear some feedback from you guys!

Click Here to Watch!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Maya Final

Hey Whats up! Well, this is my 3d modeling 1 final. I chose to do a interior scene. The models are pretty simple but the lighting and texturing came out beautiful. I looked through many interior design magazines and took certain components that I liked from different images. I used raytracing to get the lighting and shadows. I used 1 spotlight outside and 4 really soft lights inside. Not bad for my first go around with Maya. Looks like a comfy place to chill right?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Movie Is Done But....

Hey everyone! Finally! I finished my rotoscoping project! It was a month of hard work and no fun on the weekends. I finished a week early too! I finished the drawing part of it last Tuesday and did the final editing on Wednesday. It turned out awesome and I burnt a bunch of DVD's. I cant wait to show everyone. However, there is one little problem. I used a song by Beck in the video. Since its a copywritted song im reluctant to post it on my blog without permission. I was planning on submitting it to Art shows and or film fests and I didnt want any problems with copywriting infringement. So I wrote Beck an email stating my case and hoping he will reply with permission to use the song as long as im not gaining monetary value from it. Beck is a huge supporter of the arts and I really think he'll lend me permission.

Am I being to paranoid or being smart about this. I really want to show this thing off but at the same time I dont want to burn any bridges. Should I wait to hear back from Beck first or just say screw it and post it.. Tell me what ch'all think..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rotoscope IIII

Hey everyone! This will be my last post updating this rotoscope project. That means this sucker is almost in the bag!! I only have about 20 - 25 seconds left to do. Its due in a week and a half but I also have other class projects I need to attend to. I hope to have it completed by Wednesday.

Ive been getting some really good reactions from students and teachers on some of the scenes i shot as pencil tests, so I really cant wait to see the finished movie. My buddy Brian took on about 8 seconds worth of footage to help me out.

I also want to thank you all who come to my site and leave me comments. Its nice to hear your opinions and support.. Only a couple weeks left of school for this quarter! I need a break! Later guys!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Rotoscope 3

Hey everyone! Progress is definitely moving this project along and I have completed about 1 minuted of animation. Im half way there! This movie runs about 2:06:00. I broke down and passed a couple of scenes to my buddy Brian Tims. Brian is very generous for offering to help me take on this monumental task. He's going to start off with about 8 seconds of footage and we'll see if he wants to do more.

This particular scene took me the longest to do. It was only about 55 frames or something but it took me about 6 hours to complete it. I try and stay around 2 to 3 minutes per frame. These frames took me 5 to 6 minutes. The figures are much larger in these frames which takes longer, plus there are 2 figures in the scene.. It took forever!! Needless to say, I shot this scene on hte animation lunchbox and it looks incredible. It will be worth it in the end. Well back to drawing..See you soon..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Guy Aitchison

One of my best friends is a tattoo artist and he turned me on to Guy Aichison about 4 or 5 years ago. Guy is the most innovative and talented tattoo artist in the industry today. The tattoo industry itself, does'nt have the best reputation for representing high quality art and artists. Tattooing has a negative stereotypical aura about it. I think most people imagine these big harley looking fellas with huge beards and loads of tattoos from head to toe. Well, things have changed. Although, as easy as it is to buy a tattoo gun and some ink, few tattoo artists strive to do nothing more than make a few bucks, by tracing a picture from a page on the wall.

The industry is becoming so saturated with tattoo parlours, that a person not knowing much about art or tattoos, will settle for the first tattoo artist they come across. My friend owns his own tattoo buisness and half of his buisness is covering up other artists' craptastic excuses for tattoos.

Anyway, Guy Aichison is among the elite artists in the tattoo industry. Many people like to get all kinds of differnt tattoos scattered all over their body. Guy on the other hand, sees the body like a canvas. Guy likes to tattoo full back pieces, half arm sleeves, full arm sleeves, etc... Guy also tattoos with the body's contours. He lets the forms flow around the body instead of slapping down a decal-like tattoo. Guy is the master at lighting, texture, and creating the illusion of depth.

I actually met this dude below while
working as a bouncer at Butch
McGuire's in Chicago. He came in wearing a tank top and I knew right away it was a Guy tattoo. I was star struck seeing this tattoo because ive never seen one up close. Ive only seen pictures in magazines.See how this tattoo flows
around the countour of the

Thursday, July 20, 2006

John K. Caricature

From time to time, I venture over to Eddie Fitzgerald's blog and check out what theory he has in store for the day. Many theories that Eddie posts include caricatures of himself, drawn by partially insane, John K.

The wierd thing is though, I dont think ive seen any John K. caricatures by Eddie or anyone for that matter..

I suggested to Eddie that he post some reference pictures of John, so that we bloggers could take a crack at drawing John.. Well it occured to me that there was great reference of John on the featurette from the first Ren & Stimpy DVD's. So I sat down last night and crapped this caricature onto a piece of bristol..

Now I see why I dont see many caricatures of John.. He's really hard to draw!! He really does'nt have many distinguishing facial features.. But I had to keep pushing the drawing and I finally came up with this caricature that captures his likeness along with his "old man balls..."

The Ren & Stimpy Lost episodes are out and blew my friggin mind. Hopefully, it will blow your mind too.. John K. and Spumco are at thier best in this 2 disk set. There are tons of interviews, along with never before seen cartoons !! So run out and pick it up..John K. is a sick bastard of a genius.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Short Bus

The Short Bus is a comic strip I made a couple of years ago. Back at Eastern Illinois U., I had roughly 40 comics published in the Daily Eastern News. So after college I stopped drawing and just worked at crappy graphic design jobs and at bars slingin cocktails. Finally I got motivated from watching Ren & Stimpy to start drawing again and busted out a bunch of these comic strips. One of them got published in a little newspaper called the Chicago Commuter. I also began colorizing these frames in photoshop and creating the word bubbles and text in illustrator. I was amazed at the smooth color of the airbrush tool at the time, but I look back now and think it looks like crap. Everything is too shiny and blurry. I just recently started expiramenting with all the crazy brushes and textures that photoshop has to offer and the results are much more interesting than straight airbrush.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Random randomness

Here are some random sketches from my sketchbook. It seems when I sit down to draw with nothing in mind, im much more loose and spontanius with my strokes. When I have some grand idea that I have to draw, im not as loose. I guess there's more pressure.. anyway, here are some "loose" sketches..later